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Wilder Vehicle Graphics
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Wilder Vehicle Graphics


Do you want to increase brand awareness and widen business visibility? Boise Sign Company is here to give you custom vehicle graphics that could raise your current bottom line way better than what you imagine.

Custom vehicle graphicsAs early as now, choose your desired type of vehicle graphics for a more remarkable brand and business identification. Your options are full auto-wraps, partial-wraps, and vinyl lettering and graphics to escalate business visibility and reach potential customers while you continue with your daily routine.

Through this, we provide you an improved strategy to inform your community as to how they will contact you and an excellent way of giving details about your business.


Our sign shop is composed of reliable and experienced professionals who are eager to give the vehicle graphics perfect for your enterprise. Boise Sign Company guarantees full-service in handling the entire vehicle graphics process. Your ideas are welcome in brainstorming the initial design concept. Our team will then perform expert fabrication and installation suitable to help your business reach new market success. With us, rest assured that your needs are met at an affordable price.

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Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps

Create an effective and attractive mobile advertising tool through the hands of Boise Sign Company. We know the right touch to your business vehicle.

custom vehicle graphics

Be a real head-turner that gets you noticed on the road!

If you prefer a graphic option that gives you a complete alteration of your vehicle as to the heart of your business’ advertising, the best choice is full auto wraps. Significant information such as your logo, branding information, and business name will be the new outfit of your vehicle wrap. You can also add more eye-catching designs and figures to transform your vehicle fully. Additionally, aside from the complete trick out, this wrap serves as a protective layer to your vehicle’s original paint job.

We understand the complexity that plays within your vehicle graphic needs, business visibility, and marketing goals. That is why our signage consultants will offer a heads up on what to do while considering your budget and timeframe. There are available templates to represent full auto-wraps, so it is best to discuss what you want.

If you are otherwise the type who wants a cost-friendly option and doesn’t want it all too dressed-up, partial auto-wraps is for you. Only a specific portion of your vehicle will be wrapped for branding purposes. This can be your side panel, hood, tailgate, bumper, the back half of your vehicle, or whichever you choose. Boise Sign Company crafts the perfect visual expression that will tell a quick story about your business.

High-Quality Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

custom full vehicle wrap

Vinyl lettering best complements your vehicle graphic, especially if you wish to show your business name, contact information, and slogan in an elegant but subtle way. Surely, you want to present your logo for brand identification. This kind of vehicle graphics is proven cost-effective and impressive in luring your potential clients. You are fully given the liberty to choose which part of your vehicle will be applied with such visuals.

Vinyl graphics and lettering are the most budget-friendly and versatile option for you if you prefer sharing minor information about your business that’s subject to changes every season.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom partial car wrapBoise Sign Company, serving Wilder, ID, covers the entire vehicle graphics process, starting with design, fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance. We give importance to your marketing goals and visibility by initially giving free consultation from our vehicle graphics specialists. The primary data given allows us to create applicable recommendations regarding your project without overlooking durability and warranting a reasonable price for all operations.

We will wrap up all your ideas and goals together to do the work with full efficiency. We offer services that start from scratch, repairs, or remodeling of your current vehicle graphics.

custom design and manufacturing

After mounting a design that matches your vision, a digital “mock-up” will be provided, which are subject to edits and improvements. You are given control with the process of your vehicle graphics and allows you better customization based on your style. Whenever you approve of the final design, our fabrication team will start crafting your vehicle graphic with full details.

Our professional vehicle graphics installation team will do the final touch. They will install your graphics to your vehicle with meticulous procedures and quality results. Our systematic approach to your dream vehicle graphics will suffice the requirements of an exceptional advertising campaign.

Free Vehicle Graphics Consultation

Idaho sign company Dynamite Signs & GraphicsHere at Boise Sign Company, we are equally passionate about your requests and our skills in making the best vehicle graphics in town. Our past clients have trusted us in being the sole provider of vehicle graphics and other signage essentials. For years, we have been generating the finest interior signs, exterior signs, storefront signs, lobby logo signs, and more in Wilder.

Boise Sign Company is the right choice when it comes to a dependable signage shop. Your signage and business dreams are best transformed into reality with us!

Call Boise Sign Company today at (208) 314-9833 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Graphics Expert in Wilder!